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Coach - Shelley Brierley


One of the many aspects of Ms. Brierley’s career is reflected in her training as a Life Skills Coach out of Edmonton, Alberta in the 70’s. She started the first Life Skills Programs offered through Canadian Mental Health in Calgary, Alberta, and facilitated these same programs for three years, assisting psychiatric patients in developing social and emotional skills for life in the community. Three years later, in Regina, Saskatchewan, she ran a component of the course with single parent women through Human Resources while also working as a social worker and soon moved into a position co-coordinating a job readiness version of the program for adults through the Adult Education Department in Regina, Saskatchewan.

This training and experience had a significant influence on the focus of Ms. Brierley’s future work. Many clients, regardless whether they are individuals, couples or teams, seek her out looking for some form of coaching. What they are interested in is an understanding their behaviour, learning new skill sets and fine tuning their ability to implement various skill sets into their personal and professional repetoire, with the intent of strengthening themselves in a variety of areas: interpersonal communications, problem solving, relationship building, business, management, supervision and leadership, parenting, aging, to name but a few.

Shelley works to clarify the individuals' perceptions of life and their world, while assisting them in developing realistic plans for the future which allow them to see their potential through small perceptual and behavioural changes.  Success ultimately happens one step at a time. Believing in personal and social responsibility and inner motivation, Shelley works with people teaching them skills of; self-evaluation, problem solving and focusing their energy to work for the changes they determine to be aligned with their primary life goals.

As an eclectic practicioner, Ms. Brierley draws on a variety of scientific, theoretical and skill based approaches, utilizing the best of what she knows, in order to coach people toward their dreams.